Does The Hockey Stick Make Sense Scientifically?

1 06 2010

286.2 PPM CO2 Is The Tipping Point

28 05 2010

Frank E. Webner, Pony Express rider c. 1861

Disclaimer : This post is at some levels a satire, but at other levels quite serious. If we assume that the Hockey Stick is correct – the logic presented here is correct.

Dr. Hansen speaks often about the need to reduce CO2 levels to 350 ppm, but it is clear that the he is not being cautious enough.  The tipping point was actually reached at 286.2 ppm, as I will explain here.

Another world class climate researcher, Dr. Michael Mann generated this famous and highly reputable graph below.

Note that the climate tipped sharply in 1860, which coincided with the first run of The Pony Express. No doubt that horse flatulence was largely responsible.

In 1860, CO2 crossed the magical 286.2 ppm value. Nothing appears special about it – and without the top notch research of Dr. Michael Mann we would likely be unaware of it’s critical importance.

Now let’s extrapolate backwards to the past. Dr. Mann shows us that temperatures have increased about 1C per 100 pm with an upwards curvature (since hitting the 286.2 threshold.) During the Cambrian, CO2 levels were 7,000 ppm, which implies that temperatures were (conservatively) about 66C warmer than at present. In other words, the tropical oceans were probably close to the boiling point of water.

One might wonder how these creatures evolved in boiling hot oceans.

Rugose coral

Of course none of this makes any sense, and the logical corollary is that the Hockey Stick doesn’t make any scientific sense either.


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